Laser Therapy
(Treatments for men and women)

This particular type of treatment is suited for those who are experiencing a receding hair line, thinning hair or diffused hair loss. The laser treatment may help promote new hair growth, thicken your hair and help prevent any further hair loss. For laser treatments, we use shampoos and conditioners that are Trichologically developed. We also use products that can help cover up any thinning hair or bald patches within a matter of minutes.

Laser Therapy at The Hair Clinic Birmingham is FDA regulated. Any laser therapy sessions conducted with us are compliant with the FDA. This is also in regards to any products we have that are designed specifically for hair stimulation such as Minoxidil, which is the only treatment for hair loss that is scientifically proven.

Every client is different so the outcome of the laser treatment may differ too. Some may find their hair grows back quicker than others. If you are looking for quicker results for fuller hair, you may consider our Hair Integration treatment. This is available for both our men and women clients.

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