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The Hair Clinic Birmingham

Over the last few decades, hair and beauty treatments have become extremely advanced in terms of technology. At The Hair Clinic Birmingham, we provide high quality and the finest hair replacement procedures, across the West Midlands. We specialise in all aspects of hair loss and offer a number of solutions to help prevent it.

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Meet The Owner
Denise Evans

Hello my name is Denise Evans.

I have been in the hair and beauty business for over 30 years. I have won several awards in our industry including, finalist in the British National Hair awards twice.

I am totally passionate and committed to fully restoring your confidence, to whatever your needs may be. If I cannot fulfill my commitment to you I will certainly help find a solution that will be beneficial to you. That’s how committed I am.

Do not be fooled by “fly by nights” who pick up on the latest trends and have no experience in cutting colouring and blending hair systems. You can rest assured that my staff and I have more than enough experience.

We throughly look forward to being of any assistance to you.
Many thanks for your interest.
Denise Evans.

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We try to anticipate questions you might have about our hair replacements and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send an email to ??? or call ???

1.) How much will it cost for hair replacement?
Factors such as system base, hair length etc. determine the cost of hair replacement and your treatment. Prices start from just £300. You can pay either in full or pay 50% deposit at the time of your hair replacement purchase and then settle the rest of the balance once hair replacement has been implemented into your natural hair.

2) How long does it take for my hair replacement to be delivered?
Hair replacements are custom made and usually come within approximately 6-8 weeks.

3) What happens after my hair replacement comes in?
Once we receive the hair replacement, we will book an appointment for you to come in. During the appointment, in order to guarantee the perfect fit onto the scalp, we will cut the piece into your hair.

4) How can I maintain aftercare for my hair replacement once implemented?
Whenever your hair grows too long and you are in the Sutton Coldfield area or surrounding area, you are welcome to come into salon. We can remove and clean your piece for just ???.

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